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03 October 2011

Mari! Mari! Layan DVD :)

Throughout Ramadan my DVD rental mode was switch off, I cant squeeze the time to do it. Lepas raya ajer, kemaruk la... just look at the list kan??? hahaha Panjang kan senarai nya? So I am sharing only short reviews of them.

Bangkok Knockout - Muka depa nih memang tak hensem tapi bila berlawan fuh! Rasanya macam kita pulak yang lawan sama... Action movie lovers, go and get the DVD.

**Good fighting skills**

Season of The Witch - The girl is not a witch, she is being possessed so calling her a witch is off actually. Though Nicholas Cage and Rol Perlman were in here but that does not make it a good movie though! Watch the movie only if you have spare time.

** Fighting with priest zombies are very scary**

True Grit - Probably to us Malaysians, cowboys movie really not a fav. Besides nice screenshots, the movie is quite hard to understand its reasons. I dont really care how it ends :P

**No romance movie hehe**

Paul - from the guys who brings you Hot Fuzz, those guys; Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are gonna tickle you again. Fun and bloody hilarious! Rental recommended.

** Paul, the alien claimed that he is the advisor to Steven Speilberg... **

Mars Needs Moms - Kids will definitely love this one, oh... mom and dad too hehehe Rental recommended.

**Men are the same whether they are earthlings or the martians... ahaks!**

3,2,1 Cinta - Fun but a bit off for me. Watch it if you really have time to kill.

**Sedalam mana pun cinta, takkan sanggup tak grad2 semata2 menunggu gadis pujaan masuk U**

Flat 3A - Sedikit berbeza daripada cerita2 seram yang lain dengan jalan cerita yang tidak kita sangka walaupun pada mulanya kita sekadar mengagak. Saya suka! Pi sewa DVD nih... Tak takut la... nih citer mistik dan bomoh.

**Sungguh tak sangka dia tu ialah anak si bomoh yang dibunuh oleh lelaki itu yang telah membuntingkan minah kilang tersebut yang juga berkawan dengan anak si bomoh yang membela jin! Korang faham tak nih???**

Senario Ops Pocot - $$**)(**#&%TY*(PBY#$#*I(HH Jangan buang masa melainkan lawak Scenario masih relevan dengan diri.

**Lawak 3 Stoogers dah tak relevan dengan saya**

Red Riding Hood - well this is totally not the nursery rhymes movie. I like the cinema shoot and the sombre and dull atmosphere. It sets the mood to the movie. Gary Oldman is always my favourite :) The storyline is good as it leaves you guessing who is the werewolf but the ending is a little unexpected huh? Rental recommended.

**Ciyannya, last2 dia jadik werewolf gak...**

Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides - Totally incomparable with the previous franchise, this is definitely stranger. But I love Johnny Depp! Captain Jack Sparrow is only his and him alone :) Go rent the DVD!

Tolong Awek Aku Pontianak - Fun and laughable... Everybody in totally different characters... Good! Rental recommended.

**Amboi! Pintu tertutup sendiri! Hmmmm pintu automatik! hahahaha**

Fast and Furious 5 (Fast Five) - what can I say, this is really fast and furious. But why do I have the feeling that The Rock is not using his actual voice in this movie. He sounds to good :P and Vin Diesel acting is a bit off compared to the previous framchise. Apa pun, Han Lue (Sung Kang) is back and HOT! I love it! Need adrenalin rush? Go and rent the DVD. I thot this is the end but...

Thor - another super hero fantasy action movie but yet while watching it you feel like you are experiencing it as well and wanna be a part of the Asgard. Camno tu??? I like this movie as it give me different perspective towards thunder and lightning hehehe Rental recommended.

**Asgard is really nice place, I wanna stay there..**

Wu Xia - you know the best fight scene is usually from the HK kung fu movies. This is the only thing that Hollywood still unable to duplicate and special to us. Please take sometime to enjoy this as it is a really hard core kung fu movie with some gross scenes but yet the fight scene were simply marvellous! Donnie Yen at his best! ops Takashi too... No Takeshi does not fight in this movie but his detective acting will make you puzzled! ;)

**Hey! where do they shoot this movie? Kampung yang chantek bangat!**

Hantu Bonceng - Lawak cerita nih tamat selepas hantu bonceng telah selamat dikebumikan. Selepas tu citer nih dah jadik macam Gerak Khas dan sememangnya hanya mengharapkan Zizan semata-mata. Tengok sekali udah ler...

**Citer rempit lagik!**

Karipap Karipap Cinta - Saya menyewa DVD citer ini kerana Eman Manan yang mana saya kagumi lakonannya dan dia memang tidak mengecewakan saya dalam cerita ini. Jalan cerita yang menarik dengan menjadikan karipap sebagai pengikat cinta. Mungkin kepuasan cerita ini akan melebihi biasa bila membaca novel ini. Pi laaa sewa DVD nih....

** apa yang penting kerjasama! hahaha**

Rango - I love Johhny Depp!!!!!!!!!!!

**Rango is a chameleon and his brother is a rattlesnake, so how is their parents looked like???**

Gantz - From manga to anime to action live. A movie cant tells us the story of 300++ manga episodes kan? So this is the beginning of the story... and this is a supernatural science fiction story so everything is on fantasy ride :) For those who likes to think outside the box, DVD rental is highly recommended.

Subzero - Dont waste your time!

X-Men First Class - Telling myself not to compare this with the previous franchise but it is quite hard to do so. Cant blame it because The X Men trilogy has setup an unique branding image. But I still enjoy this movie and rental is recommended.

Sucker Punch - Again, watch this is you really have time to spare... or you like to watch girls kicked some ass hehehe

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Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009