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26 May 2009

Action without feelings

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I have read X-Men comics in my past but can’t remember the details much and not that huge X-men expert but I love the original X-Men movie and X2.

There were tonnes of details that in this movie that contradicted the X-Men trilogy, especially Wolverine and Sabretooth relationship as there is one big thing that really puzzled me. Is Liev Schreiber character is actually the same Sabretooth we see in X-Men 1? Because the two characters really don't seem the same in the two movies. Everything they have "experienced together in the past" (in the prequel) seems forgotten in X-Men 1 (when they only fight each other).

On the other part, the movie focus on Wolverine too much while throwing in other mutants which did little to nothing at all. Interesting characters were mere window dressing and did nothing for the story. At time I find myself wishing to see more of them and less of Wolverine.

For me, the movie is worth seeing. While I wouldn't put it anywhere on my worst-movie list, I wouldn't rank it with X-Men and X2 on my favorites list, either.
Transporter 3

I didn’t know what to write… the movie is action packed but plain and some scenes are utterly slow to death… :P

Jason Statham was perfect as Frank Martin but is worst in doing striptease although his 6 pack is clean and tidy :P I also enjoy that the French Inspector was more involved in this movie over the last 2. He brought a lot of humor to the movie. But oh ah the girl… she better leave the show biz and I don’t even care to know her name.

Aaarrhhhh please bring back T1 and T2 next!

11 May 2009

Nissan Grand Livina : From my thick glasses view

Nissan Grand Livina 1.8A with Impul bodykit **plus add later glass tinted**

This is my story and not a comparison to any other vehicle of any brand.

Generally Grand Livina is not a hot car, it is built to carry people. Other MPV might look better but I see a shadow of Murano in the Grand Livina and I am satisfied with it… It is sporty and ideal enough for ‘ibu debab’ like me as Grand Livina is Mom’s Taxi during the weekdays… :)

The Livina driving position is comparatively low for a MPV. It is more of a sedan rather than an MPV. Personally, I don’t have any problem with the changing of viewing position though Suzuki ERV has higher viewing position compared to Livina.

In addition, it gives me better handling because it is built on a car platform **drive like a sedan, remember!**, the handling of the Livina is sharp and stable. Over rough roads, the suspension soaks up the bumps well.

Once Livina is set-up as a 7 seater, boot space is becomes limited. I think this matter is common with other MPV as well. The third row although tight, can accommodate an adult if it is not a long journey.

Livina’s d├ęcor of two-tone trim and big windows create an open feeling. The contoured seats are comfortable and supportive and there are storage areas and cup-holders for every passenger.

Livina’s rear seats split 60/40 and the front passenger seat can be tilted to transport a bulky item. Livina’s third row, are easy to fold flat and create a huge boot space as well but still, if the third row seats are being used, I can still accommodate my baby’s stroller without worries.

The dashboard and meter view are minimalist ; clean and straight-to-the-point ** ala… bukan nak pi racing pun kan????**.

This is the third week that we have been cruising with the Livina and routed almost all types of road surfaces and conditions, including passing through a construction area. I noticed that Nissan’s pays attention to the suspension and the rigidity of the Livina to ensure it handles like a car. I do not know any technical data about the suspension and shock absorbers, but what I can say that I am quite impressed with the Livina’s handling and stability on those type of roads.

The car could easily make me receive a traffic summon for speeding due to its calmness and serene atmosphere at triple digits speed. ** tu yang cik abang dok pesan banyak kali be careful tekan accelerator tu…ahaks!*** nonetheless, the car brakes well too… that probably its disc-drum combo for the front and rear axles respectively. **baru belajar term nih..hik hik hik**
I have been used to a car ‘vrroom’ and was astounded by the quietness of the Livina’s engine which, according to Nissan, is a ‘healthy/green’ engine with clean emissions through a straight exhaust system. ** apa tu???? :P **

~ A 52-litre fuel tank provides substantial cruising distance and electronic power steering ensures brisk control and secure handling. The combined cycle fuel consumption is 7.2-litres per 100km for the Livina hatch and 7.4-litres for the Grand Livina. ~ from Nissan website. **me goes huh?????**

The fuel consumption is average to good, which is to be expected for a car this size. While going balik kampong last Labour Day weekend from KL to JB and around JB town cost us RM57! We use roughly 12sen per km. It is amazing enough to me! This is a family car and you aren’t supposed to ramp up to 200km per hour just to prove the car can do miracle. Family car suppose to be save and fun for the whole family. If you wanna go fast and furious until 260km per hour go and buy a Ferrari ok?

According to Raymond, the Livina comes standard with Nissan’s anti-theft security system (NATS) including remote keyless entry, immobiliser and panic alarm. I have yet to explore that territory but understood that it makes the car a less desirable target for criminals, which in turn enhances the personal safety and security of the driver and occupants. **dah macam car dealer pulak aku…**

Air-conditioning for the car is airy with the third row occupants not feeling stuffy on hot-sunny days. The second row mini air-cond vents worked reasonably well as an adjunct to the main air-cond vents at the centre of the dash up front.

Truth be told, there are still some improvements that Nissan could consider to make Livina a better family car. Firstly, I would prefer that the air blows from above instead of current air-cond blowers from the bottom middle of the car.

I dislike adjusting the seats using the tug strips or synthetic fabric bands as it is quite a pain to use, conveying a flimsy and looks cheap on technology. I have to really tug or pull quite hard and they don’t seem too friendly to use. The usage of old technology ; the good old lever and handles is much better.

I detest the feeling of having lack of cubby holes aft to the gear shift lever, with only two measly water-bottle holders serves to limit the family utility appeal. The door pockets are rather slim too which limited my usage. The glove box in the other hand is was quite hopeless in holding down stuffs like keys and small personal items – they get flung about noisily in that boxy little thing!

All in all, Nissan Grand Livina is a terrific vehicle and I am totally enjoying driving this small car. It is a value buy with strong practical points, a trusted brand name, a decent drive, relatively affordable that suits its tag line “Value For Money MPV”.

Oh ya… one last thing… you didn’t have to put en effort closing the doors and as it closes, it sounds luxury… I likeeeeeeee!!!!!

07 May 2009

Dah lama tak naik bas awam

Dalam kesibukan menjalankan tugas hakiki, sempat juga saya membelangkaskan diri mengikut dua anak dara yang sedang bercinta ke kedai kain penaja kain baju pengantin penyanyi lelaki paling popular di Malaysia.
Yang paling teruja ialah saya ke sana menaiki bas awam! Bayangkan saya menaiki bas awam setelah lebih 10 tahun saya ke sana ke sini dengan kenderaan sendiri ataupun teksi, tapi hari ini saya bagai angkawasan negara berjaya mengelilingi dunia lagaknya...
... dan semestinya kenangan menaiki bas mini tahun 1980an dan 1990an menerjah dan menampar pipi gebu saya dan saya hanyut melayan perasaan di dalam bas yang sedang hangat dengan lagu tamil!!!!!!

Tiket bas masa pergi

Dalam bas

Pemandangan luas bas

Tiket bas masa balik

Aksi tarian lagu tamil?????? :P

nasib baik saya cukup ketinggian untuk bergayut

hasil tangkapan yang terbaik daripada kebun

budak belakang tu memang bizi body tau...

Saya pasti penumpang lain memang menggeleng kepala melihat telatah kami... hehehehe dan ianya lebih trauma dengan lagi yang didendangkan... hahahahaha

Untuk anak daras berduas tus... TQ benarkan akak ikot korang... kalau nak pi lagik, habaq tau... i follow!

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Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009