Pic was taken @ Botanical Garden, Penang :)

30 June 2009

Metal, action and loud!!!!

I bought the movie tickets 2 days in advance since booking online has terminated themselves :P

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

If you are one of those people who mainly watches Oscar or intellectual type movies, you'll need to shut off your brain if you happen to watch T:ROTF. Just remember that this is a movie based on a children’s television show, so it may be a little far fetched to be expecting an intellectual movie but you are most likely going to love this movie, especially if you liked the first one.

This movie is a hardcore big metal kung-fu fighting action movie… faham ka??? Ignore reality, just sit back and eat your popcorn… then you understand the movie better… rather then thinking whether the pyramid really got blown by the Decepticons.

I am 100% satisfied with the robots. They acted better than the humans. True!!!! Megan Fox's acting was erm....slightly shallow? but if the guys seen her on that bike with rear end in the air, they will definitely, forgive and forget her acting. The only disappointment for me is the metal called, Devastator. One blow and he is gone???? Aiya… badan ajer besar…

Mrs Witwicky, Agent Simmons and the armies’ performance were good and able to make you believe that those big metal guys were really there with them. Agent Simmons is funnier than previous movie hahahahahaha I like the scene Agent Simmons with his mother, yup… his mother… hehehehe

Lastly, can someone explain to me, if a Decepticon can turn into a human, WHAT'S THE POINT OF TRANSFORMING INTO A VEHICLE AT ALL???????? Micheal Bay, take note please…

25 June 2009

Cerita fiksyen la yang saya suka...

Saya memang amat menyukai cerita fiksyen apatah lagi jika cerita itu ada faktor2 paranormal... mau tak senang duduk saya dibuatnya... :D


The Apocalypto story line is simple… a happy Indian youth ripped savagely from his rainforest life by ruthless marauders after which he has to escape and fight his way back to his land and people. But how do you put it on screen that’s make a difference.

Apocalypto is certainly Mel Gibsons finest work. The end product is a masterwork displaying his true prowess in film making. The visuals are beautiful equaled only by the clever camera display in producing a truly entrenching experience. One can't help but feel supremely involved with this movie, as the viewer is lead through a vivid (lost?) culture and world of which I personally believe and perhaps not historically accurate, produced an accurate image of life and its intricacies. It portray the Mayan culture -- including its strange dress, hair styles, costumes, tattoos, body piercing, and decorative scars, as well as its industry, class system, cities, warfare, weapons, myth, and religion -- provide a bizarre and fascinating anthropological backdrop for what is, at its heart, a solid, thrilling, fast paced old fashioned struggle between good guys and bad guys.

This movie is relentless and the violence is not easily avoided by the camera so please be careful with whom you watch the movie but the violence is woven into the story with it characters. It is a realistic part of the culture being described though it is not shown in a hyper gruesome manner.

Apocalypto is a compelling action movie with not only adrenaline, but also brains and heart.


This is a very enjoyable movie ; maybe not as exciting and a bit more contrived than I'd been looking forward to, but it was still very enjoyable. One of the reasons for me not watching the movie at the cinema is Brendan Fraser and he proved me right in Inkheart.

But the scenery of the movie (which filmed in Surrey, England) that cause me to grab the DVD from the shelf. :P

The character that stood out above any other in this movie was Paul Bettany's performance as Dustfinger. He was just brilliant and absolutely outstands me. He was a good actor continued to be impressed throughout the movie, as his character developed. I felt far more sympathy with his character than Brendan Fraser’s.

Also praise for Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent, who were very refreshing. I feel more could have been done with Andy Serkis and Brendan Fraser, they didn't wow me as much as I'd expected.

Overall, I would say that if you like Stardust, you will enjoy this one. Although, Stardust is still better in my opinion.

Ghost Town

Me and romantic movies seldom walk hand in hand ; I appreciate The Lake House because of the storyline and probably Ghost Town. The idea of seeing dead people fascinates me though I never see one! hahahaha

This movie is a romantic comedy that has ghosts in it... fancy enough to me.
It has some really good comic moments and because of the good performances, especially by Ricky Gervais who plays Dr. Bertram Pincus ; the character that "no people person" and unlikable persona becomes the most likable aspect of the movie.

I think a lot of people will like the romantic part of the film and I think a lot of people will also enjoy Dr. Bertram Pincus. The subplot with the ghosts is also a neat twist to the film that adds a lot of laughs and originality to the storyline as well. This is one of the best feel good comedies because of the good performances and the feel good yet funny script.

I’m glad that I rented the movie. Hhhhhmmmmmmm…

City of Ember

I wasn't expecting much from this movie and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. It's a great kid's adventure, lots of mystery and action, good character development and plenty of cool settings. This is a movie about hope for the future.

Bill Murray and Tim Robbins do a fine job in their roles, but they are mostly supporting cast. It's the two kids who are the real heart of the story. I also love how the filmmakers created an entirely plausible distant future where beauty still thrived despite crumbling infrastructure. Stop and think for a while… how does our place look like in 200 years time? Is it Star Wars or A.I. alike????

I am gonna watch this tomorrow... tak sabarnyaaaaaaaaaa..... thou I do not like the human hero at all! Can you change the cast for the next sequel???

16 June 2009

harap bersabar...

Selama seminggu kami berada di bumi Kenyalang menikmati pemandangan yang indah dan udara yang nyata segar...

Pemandangan daripada bilik hotel

Melusuri sungai
Banyak lagi ceritanya tapi maaf gambar belum habis diedit lagi... yang ini gambar daripada kamera telefon bimbit saya...
Jadi harap bersabar ya... :)

04 June 2009

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang...

Today is our 15th anniversary and we still look young kan? hehehe Time flies so fast and I have spend 15 years of my life with the one that I love. May our love grows stronger and lasts... cuma jangan ler garang sangat bila cakap dengan I ya... ops... :P

As usual he doesn't remember our anniversary and I have get used to him not remember anything :P cuma kadangkala tu harap la ada kezutan tapi... Men are from Mars... gituh la...
I delivered him a box of cheese tarts and you bet he is all surprised... nasib baik ucap terima kasih, kalau tak mau aku merajuk 7 hari 7 malam...

Thanks Kak Bie for that lovely cheese tarts.
Cuma Happy Birthday tu saya dah tukar ke Happily Married.
Baru la kena dengan keraiannya :)
Later in the evening at Foto Suria, One Utama, hubby said that he will sponsor the new Nikon Coolpix S220 that I have longed for... yeah! yeah! Sayang Abang Nawar mmuuaaahhhhh... Aqua Green somemore hehehehe yipeeee! (Macam ni punya wife pun ada... dapat digital camera melompat2 mengalahkan dapat emas sejongkong kah kah kah)
Cantik tak????

Front view

Back view

Clearer image from Nikon official site

"Nikon Coolpix S220 announced on February 9, 2009 is a 4-way VR image stabilization 10.0 megapixel 3x optical zoom point-and-shoot digital camera featuring a new EXPEED image processor, 2.5 inch LCD, high ISO of 2000, auto scene detector, smile detection, and D lighting, and camera dimensions are Height: 2.2 in. (57mm) Width: 3.6 in. (91mm) Depth: 0.8 in. (20mm)."

Review and Sample Photos @ Steves’s Digicams

What can I say about Nikon Coolpix S220???? Nikon Coolpix S220 is one of the cheaper pocket sized cameras from a known brand. It takes decent snapshot and offers a lot of style and portability. It is slim, compact and stylish too… what more can I say… I don’t have to pay for it! :)
Jangan jeles... ingatkan nak tunjuk kat you all gambar yang telah diambil dengan kamera digital ini tetapi malangnya saya terlupa membawa talian hayat kamera... USB cable laaaa... jadi... minggu depan saja lah!

03 June 2009

Castello di Miramare

This is my latest FM collection given by CK (thanks dearie...). I was staring the FM trying to locate where on earth is this castle hehehe

Comelkan tangan itu??? :P

So let us go travelling to Italy. Yup the castle is in Italy... since at this moment I cant afford to go there physically, let go virtually... thus increase our geography knowledge too... :)

The Castle of Miramare, Trieste, Italy

The Miramare Castle (Italian: Castello di Miramare) is a 19th century castle, built for Austrian Archduke Maximilian and his wife, Charlotte of Belgium, later Emperor Maximilian I and Empress Carlota of Mexico. The castle is situated on the Gulf of Trieste near Trieste, northeastern Italy. Construction took place from 1856 to 1860 to a design by Carl Junker on the orders of Archduke Maximilian. The castle's grounds include an extensive cliff and seashore park of 22 hectares (54 acres) designed by the Archduke. The grounds were completely re-landscaped to feature numerous tropical species of trees and plants.

Taken from : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miramare

And these photos taken from Wikipedia website, proven the castle is magnificient. The castle, the garden and the interior simply fits the grandness (is there such word?) of the castle. It really takes my heart away... imagining me living in the castle itself... best nya!!!!!!!!!!

The castle view from the sea

Main entrance

Side view of the castle leading to the garden

Garden entrance

View of the Adriatic Sea from the castle

The cannons
(if only the cannons could speak, I am sure it has a lot to say...)

The King Garden
I love the interiors... so classic and renaissance !

(I could sing and dance here! )

(Eating, singing and dancing here... )

(Having tea and biscuits here...)

(Macam pernah ku lihat jam tu, tapi dimana ya... :P)

The bedroom for Maximilian and I read that he never used it.
The bed is a wedding present from the pope and that explains why the bed is designed that way huh?

You never know you could learn this thru a fridge magnet right? Glad that I am able to share it with you...

02 June 2009

Laughs and myths


Monsters vs Aliens

Monsters vs Aliens is another creation from Dreamworks after some good animation films like Shrek and Madagascar. Well, Monsters vs Aliens is no Shrek, but it's sure a fun movie after all.

The characters are Susan Murphy, the giant sized lady, B.O.B, a brainless mass of blob created from an experiment who gone wrong, The Missing Link, a sort of lizard like creature, Dr. Cockroach, a scientist accidentally transformed into a roach-human hybrid and the 400 ft. Instectosaurus. They are then later on ordered to stop the alien overlord Gallaxhar, who wants to take the Quantanium and conquer the universe (ala… jalan cerita biasa ajer kan?).

BOB is unique and funny, who cracked me up the most in the film. The animation is solid and colorful, like most of the recent Dreamworks film (Bee Movie and Madagascar for example). The casts were very good and their voices fitted the characters perfectly. Hugh Laurie does a fantastic job as the voice of the sophisticated (though mildly insane) Dr. Cockroach and most of the laughs are generated by Seth Rogen's performance as BOB. Reese Witherspoon helps you feel some sympathy for her character near the beginning of the film and Stephen Colbert does a surprisingly solid job as President Hathaway.

I was smiling through virtually the entire film and had about 5 or 6 hard laugh-out-loud moments throughout. As expected, I was also very impressed by the voice cast in this movie. So overall, Monster vs Aliens is a good movie. So don't expect something like the best animated film of the year, enjoy the film and have fun.

Underworld : Rise of the Lycans

The action in Underworld, though obviously restrained by a lower budget, is good and acceptable to me. There's some nice dueling, the obvious gore and blood galore and a nice Lord of the Rings style battle at the end.

It's a worthy prequel in the series and certainly not a disappointment to me. It has good action, a wonderful lead performance from Michael Sheen and should satisfy fans mythological stories.

I'm so very glad the story was more focused on Lucian as it's a nice change from Selene and Michael being in the spotlight. As for Rhona Mitra, I won't say she was better than Kate Beckinsale but I can't say she was any less of an asset. Not only did she look great but she executed her lines superbly. I will however say that I find Sonja's character much more interesting than Selene's. The chemistry between Lucian and Sonja was much better than that of the chemistry between Michael and Selene.

But why Sonja’s fate has to end that way???? Alahai…

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009