Pic was taken @ Botanical Garden, Penang :)

31 December 2009

Kenapa perlu besar2an sambutan tahun baru masihi nih???

Saya masih tidak faham kenapa sambutan tahun baru masihi perlu dibuat besar2an dan berhabis2an??? Saya tahu sebabnya cuma sekali lagi tak faham kenapa ianya perlu dibuat???

Ahhhh.... doa ini sahaja yang saya mampu lakukan...

Ya Allah! Selamatkan anak2 kami menempuh malam sambutan tahun baru ini... Semoga semuanya ingatkan Allah sahaja.

Selamat Tahun Baru 2010!

Semoga kita terus dipayungi keberkatan Allah SWT :) Jom tingkatkan keimanan!!!

28 December 2009

Aktiviti Perabis Cuti Tahunan

How I longed for a good massage but the spa close on mondays hhhuuuuwwwwaaaaaa... so I am going for a hair treatment instead :P


Ohhh my hair is now soft, vibrant and in dark red highlights hehehe now off to retail therapy pulaks... :)


I feel good!!!!

22 December 2009

Movie Review Bumper Issue Nov / Dec 2009

Wah! Dalam kesibukan menimbang kerjaya, pelajaran dan rumahtangga, masih sempat tonton wayang ya... hehehehe hanya itulah cara saya 'destress' diri dan perasaan. Ianya murah dan tidak menggangu jadual ketat saya.

Tsunami At Haeundae

It is a movie showing the life of Koreans living off the seacoast of Haeundae. As many Korean movies, the pace is slow but full of stories that related to each other. The climax is the last 30 mins of the movie. The CGI is average but good enough for an Asian movie, I watched the last 30 mins twice just to feel the ‘disaster’, ok lor…

Star Trek

The actors are superb and the appearance of Leonard Nimoy and Eric Bana takes the tale to the beyond. A must see, also see again n again n again… EXCELLENT!

G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra

Fast, furious and just fun but something about this movies sucks… Pop corn movie worth watching once only.

Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian

This film is an amazing example of a movie made for kids and adults. Kids will enjoy the silly humor, and the monkey while adults will laugh at the onslaught of in-jokes. Worth watching again and again… J


Penelope is an original and uplifting story that reminds us of life's most fundamental truth. It is packed full of excitement, surprises, laughs, heartfelt pangs and soaring joy. Christina Ricci is radiant as Penelope and in the face of daunting circumstances, she inspires us to not only persevere but to dare to break free. Although aimed at teens, it has elements which also make this entertaining for adults. It has great visual appeal, slapstick humor as well as clever writing throughout. Worth watching second time.

Sayang You Can Dance

Please don't waste you time! Go out! Feel nature! Erase the movie title from your mind at all!!!!!!


The film has obvious flaws, trite clich├ęs and phony science. It is Hollywood having a good time with a controversial subject. Nothing is new here. Though the CGI is cheesy but its worth watching once.


It resists the temptation to overreach in terms of subject matter and avoids the problematic, blunt moralising which often characterises the approach to problems like race and love. The final scene is something which I think most people have seen before ; bittersweet, almost preachy scene that's always mawkish and off-putting. But Yasmin Ahmad somehow pulls it off. I am sad but redho, that Yasmin Ahmad is no longer with us. Talentime was her masterpiece. GO AND BUY THE DVD, BE ORIGINAL!


It is about family values and the love of parents. So good you must watch it more than once. Cerita ini ada lawak, sedih dan penuh pengajaran. Pi beli DVD Papadom! Pasti you all nak tengok lagi dan lagi… “Jangan emosi dengan tanah” + Noorkhiriah in cheerleader suit + Mat Wajib Tayang + Puaka Padang Ragbi!!!! Best kan???


Amazing visual effects. Amazing sound. Hilarious comedy. The movie is not just hilarious; it's emotional and sad at times. Up is full of emotional, fun and hilarious proportions. Look forward to watching it again with bigger smile.

Momok The Movie

Cerita nih ada 6 cerita hantu pendek arahan M.Jamil. Semua orang nak buat citer seram kan? :P First time on movie, the former AF4 winner, Faizal Ramli seemed takut2 not because this is a scary movie but he shown his uneasiness in front of the camera directly. The make-up on the ghosts could've been better and the background songs failed to arouse any thrill or excitement. Regardless of that, for those who enjoy horror comedies, boley laaaaaa….

Skrip 7707

Even Prof Madya A. Razak Mohaideen would like to do a ghostly movie huh??? Just like Momok, this is a compilation of 9 common ghost stories in Malaysia. Secara peribadi, saya rasa siri Kekasihku Seru lagi seram!

Trail of The Panda

The scenery filmed in this movie was breath taking and it makes one wonder how much of the landscape had changed after the recent earthquakes that occurred in Sichuan. This movie was made before the earthquakes hit Sichuan and I believe that initially, this movie was to create awareness for the panda preservation effort in that area and now it had became a vehicle to raise funds instead.

… and this is a NOT KungFu Panda ya! The baby panda is sssssoooooooo cute!!!! :P

Terminator Salvation

This movie fails miserably in both aspects where the new Star Trek film shines: staying true to the original while making the new characterizations and situations compelling on their own merit.

It kicks off in the right gear but where was the character development??? John Connor was the focal point in T2 & T3, staying alive, fighting... even Christian Bale couldn't deliver but it wasn't his fault. John Connor has a supporting role, as the whole film was revolved around who Marcus Wright was, but even that wasn't covered very well. Even Kate Connor character had little screen time and no development what so ever.

The major problem with Hollywood today, as my movie online friend, quikbdr720, mentioned, TOO MUCH CGI, NO PLOT DEVELOPMENT and this movie is no different.


Take note... it is not Caroline but Coraline.

I like the story of us having a parallel world and the characters are the same but different personality. The animation was amazing. Every character looked awesome and had so much detail to them. I really enjoyed the movie and recommend you see it. :)

Jin Notti

Alahai… pelakon2 semua ok tapi cerita nih macam serba tak kena. Kesinambungan cerita macam terputus2 dan banyak adegan macam kaku. Gandingan Mawi dan Fara memang tiada ‘chemistry’ la… Tengok sekali ajer pun dah cukup!

Hai, adik beradik KRU.... I know you all can do better...

15 December 2009

Pertama kali makan kat sini

Lama saya tak cerita pasal makan2 kan? Actually banyak occasion makan2 cuma tak sempat nak upload gambar ajer...

Kali nih makan2 memang special sebab cinta hati saya yang bayar hehehe Tau tak? Sebab hang pa tak tau ler wa nak habaq nih... :P Sepanjang 30 tahun dok kat KL habis la aku korang tau aku nih remaja purba tak pernah pi makan kat mana2 gerai ikan bakar kat Jalan Bellamy tu... dok dengar citer ajer, jadik cinta hati saya pun bersusah payah mengambil saya di pejabat dan bawa saya makan disitu, horeyyyyy!!!!

Sampai2 ajer, Ya Rabbi hangat nak mampuih! Macam dok dalam oven tapi masih senyum sebab menjaga hati cinta hati saya lah katakan, padahal ketiak dah menangis dah... gerai ikan bakar kegemaran cinta hati saya ialah gerai yang paling akhir sekali ke belakang. Lupa pulak saya nak tengok nama gerai tu tapi ianya 2 gerai bersebelahan gerai ikan bakar melaka.

Susah nak cari tempat duduk semasa waktu makan tengahari nih tapi alhamdulillah ada 2 tempat kosong. Yang nih sampai dulu... kecor beb!!!! ayar lioq meleleh hehehehe sabar nih sebab nasi belum mai lagi...

tak sabar... aku cuit juga ikan pari bakar nih... perh!!!! sodap!!!!

hehehe inilah hidangan we all... yummy... dan memang berbaloi baloi bawa saya sebab memang langsai kesemuanya... burrrppppp... sengkaked!!!

jom pi makan lagik!!!! :P

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Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

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Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009