Pic was taken @ Botanical Garden, Penang :)

24 February 2010

Sibuk sangat nih!!!! Dugaan... dugaan...

Saya memang sibuk dalam sebulan dua ini. Tugas2 hakiki meruntun jiwa raga saya dan dalam keterpaksaan saya mengangguhkan catatan luahan hati dan tugasan Masters saya bagi memastikan tugasan hakiki berjalan lancar. Ini ditambah pula dengan kesinambungan tugasan kakitangan lain terhadap tugasan saya. Ramai yang sedang berharap pada saya pada masa ini. Tidak dapat saya menulis dengan panjang lebar. Mohon kesabaran daripada sahabat semua.

As usual, I wanna share a motivation quotes with you guys. I don't wanna your visit to my humble abode is in vain. It must be a value added visit :)

Personally I do keep diaries and journals ; for personal, business and career. That makes me understand myself better. I jotted down my strengths and weakness including my personality styles. I believe that once you understand yourself, you understand others better.

Make a statement journal, keep experiences diaries and draw future planning. Then work out an action plan ; short term and long term including contingency realigning strategy. Keep them is a safe place if you are shy but postered them on the wall if wanna make it a strong resolution. You know yourself better to make it work. Make time for the journals, diaries and planning, if not they are gonna do it for you but you aren't able to control them, rugi la...


17 February 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Tak salah kan kalau saya buat entri pelbagai cerita? hehehe

I have been suffering a mild pain and discomfort around my right elbow and slowly the pain getting worse and the discomfort travelled to the upper part of the elbow.


The pain was great after house work (saya mana ada maid maaaa tapi tak kurus2 jugak, alahai...) and not able to straighten my arm properly. I make a visit to the doctor as the painful area has swollen, turned to dark pink and inflammation.

My pain endurance level is quite high (the pain has been 2 months now!) and I am always in pain denial hahahaaaaa So you guys can image the degree of pain that able make me move my butt to see the doctor :P boley jelir lidah lagik nih...

So Dr Imelda told me that I might be suffering from tendinitis symptoms and I hate when she mentioned that I am too young for the diagnose hhhuuwwwaaaaaaaa so I must religiously take the medication and back to see her in 3 days time. So I was on MC today (tapi sempat lagik pi tengok movie).

As I was typing this, my arm still hurts though I have taken medication twice for today. Mudah2an esok ada perubahan.

If not I will probably look like this guy... not the face laaa... but the macho hand support of course! :P dah macam Terminator lah pulak! "I'll be back!!"

For a less depressing story... hehehe

FM was given by Yud, TQ dearie, kalau ada nak lagi... :)

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

I went to see this movie without any expectations. I haven't read the books nor the review in the papers.

To the people do wanna see it, please do! There's a lot of fast past action scenes and pretty hilarious moments. Though there was not enough character development to understand the background and history of every character plus little information of what is going on.

Oh yeah, remember, they didn't give all from the book into the movie. The CGI were good and my heart was actually pounding when they did the fight scenes. The most exciting moment to me was seeing Uma Thurman as Medusa. It was so real, suspense and exciting. Oh ya… not forgetting Pierce Brosnan as half human half horse character. The other side of Bond that we aren’t seeing everyday huh?

Especially the last scene during the credits is very funny ;) stick around to watch it too!

Bencik statement :- As I was in the movie, Mix.fm texted me that I have won 2 movie tickets to see Percy Jackson tomorrow night. Bencik kan???? Life is really unfair!!!!!

11 February 2010

First week of February 2010

Layannnnnnn... :)


For the movie to work, you have to grab the reasoning that God has decided to end the world through an unfair battle using his angels against humans and the absence of the Devil whom a friend thought would actually either rejoice or would have gathered new followers with the exodus of human souls now being abandoned by the holy one. If you don't stuck the idea to your brain, you are deep trouble watching this movie.

Angels behaving like demons??? A God who has questionable faith??? I could understand if some Christians would find this offensive. Personally I would find the idea is daring and against all holy books in our world. Angels with weapons???

Looking it as another movie production, the characters are not develop properly, despite ample time in the first half that had characters talking, rationalising and reflecting on just what their predicament is. Amongst the action offered that I've not seen before involved the angel Gabriel (last done androgynously by Tilda Swinton in Constantine), which brings to mind just how angels would be clad for battle, with armour, close combat weapon with frills and those metallic wings used both defensively and offensively in quite elegant ways as shield and blade combined in one sweeping motion. I also don’t quite understand why possessed human by angels behave like zombie???

I would rather watch Keanu Reeve’s Constantine over and over again…

Pisau Cukur

Rasanya saya mungkin takkan menonton DVD Pisau Cukur sekiranya bukan Abang Long yang berlakon di awal permulaan cerita. Rupanya hanya rambut Abang Long yang masuk wayang hahahahaaaa ciyannnnnn dia…

Pisau Cukur merupakan gabungan produksi filem Gol & Gincu. Saya suka GC kerana ada unsur fun, urban dan reality. Begitu jua dengan Pisau Cukur. Realiti cerita ini ialah zaman sekarang perempuan muda dan cantik memiliki impian untuk hidup senang tanpa bekerja keras. Namun, apa yang dikejar tidak semestinya indah dan bersederhana lebih menyenangkan hati. Realiti kedua ialah gaya hidup wanita masa kini yang boleh bermadu kasih, berkongsi rasa dan cinta walaupun si suami tidak kacak, asalkan wang ringgit dan harta dimiliki bersama.

Pisau Cukur mempunyai shot yang menarik, apatah lagi dibantu dengan rakaman visual dan teknik sinematografi yang boleh dibanggakan dan berwarna warni. Sebenarnya penggambaran filem ini hanyalah dibuat di sebuah studio tapi set-upnya macam di atas sebuah kapal mewah, di tengah-tengah laut. Set penggambaran dan teknik CGI yang digunakan memang membanggakan.

Lakonan gedik Fazura dan Maya Karin memang class kerana ekspresi wajah mereka sungguh berkesan dan terasa seperti ianya terjadi di hadapan mata kita. Oh My Gucci!!! Ya memang betoi!!!! hahaha

Lakonan Aaron Aziz, Radhi Khalid, Dato Rahim Razali, Khatijah Tan, Umie Aida, Liyana Jasmay, Sharifah Sofia dengan cameo Afdlin Shauki sebagai Captain memang baik sekali. Redza Minhat yang berlakon sebagai Fakir juga tidak mengecewakan but he got to learn harder J

Pi la tengok citer nih! Berbaloi!

District 9

We have seen many aliens come to earth movies, but this is different. What’s good about this documentary style movie is that there are no overused or overexposed celebrities in sight, but still the actors are able to give solid performance. The aliens themselves, brilliantly ‘so real’ with top notch CGI even manage to make us feel something… The collaboration of Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp are kaboom this time! Two thumbs up!

The movie actually making me believe this thing could actually happen here on Earth. One thing in common, either we are on Earth or visitors in Pandora, we are evil. Oh dear, please love your neighbours!

Bodyguards and Assassins

This is a star studded period action film about the assassination attempt of Dr Sun Yat Sen in Hong Kong in 1906 which group several veteran actors and A-listed casts into the movie. Set, editing, camera work, action direction all become an integral part of this top-notch motion picture.

The first hour of this movie is entirely about characters development, making you understand their relationship while the second half of the movie is action pack kung-fu fighting. I like the movie because of the beautiful characters each with their own story, fighting and sacrificing their lives for an important mission. Sad ending but that makes the story complete.

Just ignore the historical element, go and watch the DVD, it will move your emotions…

08 February 2010

Kids jalan2 and say the darnest thing…

Last Saturday we took the kids for jalan2 enjoying the CNY decorations. We were having a good time indeed. As we walked passing Brabantia’s shop, Azhad noticed a huge rotary cloth drying frame and with a straight face telling me… “Kita tak boleh beli tu sebab Mama tak sampai nak gantung baju”. I just smiled and said “Thank God we are not buying that, kan?” hahahahaaaaa and the drama does not end yet!

Walking back to the parking floor hand in hand with Azhad, I noticed an outlet selling maxi dresses which colours and designs are so sweet. Wondering how much it will cost, I stopped and have a look. “Mama, tak payah ler beli baju tu sebab kalau Mama pakai nanti labuh sangat.” hhuuuwwwaaaaaaaa aku nak gelak ke nak nangis?????

So I passed Azhad to his father hoping he will passed such remarks to his father in return hahahaaaa Aku dengki!!!!!!

I loike the lanterns!!!!!!

To my Chinese friends,
Happy New Year!!!!!

04 February 2010

Kisah di Sebalik Majlis

Adik Bluelily mengadakan majlis resepsi perkahwinannya minggu lepas dan kami menjayakan majlis tersebut dengan membantu sebagai penyambut tetamu. Ingat senang ka??? macam2 karenah hehehehe

Sebelum majlis bermula, kita posing dulu hehehe

Sempat gak we all 'kidnap' Dato' Seri Adnan Yaakub dengan wifey.

Orang sibuk bagi ucapan, minah2 nih sibuk berposing

Lepas majlis pun posing lagik!

Jejak kasih berkasih

Selamat Pengantin Baru!!!!

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Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009