Pic was taken @ Botanical Garden, Penang :)

31 July 2008

I love cuppies...

I am on cupcakes crazy now... hehehe this is my latest order (aku suka cuppies tak maleh nak buat sindiri hehehehe) from Cakes to Dream On - Aleen Omar. Comelkan??? So sweet... Thanks Aleen for your hardwork hehehe actually during our first meeting for delivery, it was jam like hell after PLUS Toll Jalan Duta due to an accident.

My kids, like their cute Mom, simply love the cuppies... Athirah was sorry to eat hers because the cuppies are so cute to her... :)

30 July 2008

Aliyah's 1st Birthday Bash

Wow! Suddenly there are so many things to share with you guys. From a week of tight schedule to birthday celebration to my first trip to Kota Kinabalu.
Aliyah 1st Birthday Bash was a total family affair. I ordered the cakes from Yat Lil Kitchen and she delivered me a full of colors Power Puff Girls chocolate cake and no motive design cuppies. Syiok!!!!
So I let the pics do the talking hey...

Tengok birthday gal makan durian... Dia tak nak suap, nak makan sendiri. Habis satu badan bau durian hehehe

Hasil kerja Yat Lil Kitchen

1 cuppy dah hilang semasa penggambaran... hehehe dah masuk dalam perut tukang gambar daaa...

Tengoklah gelagat birthday gal bersama kakak dan sepupunya hehehe ciyan Aliyah kan? Orang lain yang teruja hehehe

Ada banyak lagi gambar di sini - Aliyah lagi...


25 July 2008

Think Outside The Box

Maafkan saya kerana ketiadaan selera untuk mengemaskini blog dalam seminggu ini. Tugas2 hakiki dan peribadi sesungguhnya memakan diri saya dan saya hanya biarkan diri diperalatkan oleh tugasan tersebut... alahai...

Sebagaimana azam saya ingin jadikan blog ini sebagai wadah perkongsian ilmu, saya kongsikan artikel ini. Terima kasih buat cinta hati saya kerana berkongsi artikel (dan hidup) dengan saya hehehe :)

Thinking Out of the Box

By: Brian Tracy

Improve the Quality of Your Thinking

Human beings are mental organisms. Everything we are or ever will be, will be as the direct result of the way we think. If we improve the quality of our thinking, we must improve the quality of our lives. And, there is no other way to do it.

Youth and Creativity

In one series of I.Q. tests given to children ages 2 - 4 years, 95% of the children were found to be highly creative with curious, questioning minds and an ability for abstract thinking. When the same children were tested again at age 7, only 5% still demonstrated high levels of creativity. In the ensuing years, they had learned to conform; "If you want to get along, you had better go along," is what they had discovered.

The Dangers of Conformity

They had learned to color between the lines, to sit in neat little rows, to do and say what the other kids did and said, and to do as they were told. Over time, they lost the wonderful fearless spontaneity of youth and learned to suppress ideas and insights that were unusual or different.

Aggressively Seek New Ideas

Most of us have had similar experiences. The "Not invented-here" syndrome in many large companies is simply the adult version of "not rocking the boat." But fortunately, since creativity is your birthright, a fundamental part of your nature, you can tap into it at any time, no matter how long it has been since you really used it.

Action Exercises

Here are two things you can do to start thinking outside of your mental box. First, imagine that there was a vastly better, cheaper, faster way to do your job - and somebody else had already discovered it and was going to put you out of business. Second, imagine doing exactly the opposite of what you are doing today. Allow your mind to float freely and consider how current trends will change your business.

Photo courtesy of The Phrase Finder

Pssssttttt cinta hati saya beli TV LCD Sony Bravia 40" dan Pioneer DVD Hi Fi semalam. Apa lagi dia dok melayan tengok DVD ler... hhhmmmm... layannnnnnnnnnnnnnn...


15 July 2008

Oh... I really hope she remembers me...

I was shopping for gifts today for the company's function which is going to be held on next Monday. I was with Akak Isk searching and tawaf 3 shopping complexes from Great Eastern Mall to KLCC to The Mall. We met Rosyam Nor at Great Eastern Mall and standing behind Zainal Alam Kadir (he was with a chick!) while going down the escelator at KLCC but what excited me the most was queing behing Ning Baizura at the cashier. I was about to jump excitedly but maintain my composure and I said Hi! to her first.

Ning, I understood you are trying your best to remember who on earth is this lady saying Hi! to me and blabbering non stop hehehehe
When I first met Ning and her brother, she was still in school (ni memang citer zaman berzaman hehehe). We participated in several occasions with Orkestra Simfoni Muda under Kementerian Kebudayaan (masa tu ler...). I played the clarinet and she played the violin. Following her singing career through after that. We met again in 2004 and I dont blame her for not remembering me! Me and a celeb????? Totally, extremely not me... :P
I wish I could chat longer with her but she in indeed in a hurry. Oh... I really hope she remembers me...

Our meeting after many years. This was taken in 2004.

HappeNing 2004

During recoding of Zoom In With Ning in 2005 at RTM (aku cilok kelas semata2 nak tengok Ning hehehe)

Ning, I will always love your singing... When you hear a song and the singer, you will reflexly know Ning Baizura's voice, definitely ...

Lagi gambar di sini - Ning


14 July 2008

A Tribute to Her Courage

As I was reading latest news fron the net, I came across this article. Reading thru it and how I admire her courage and could only imagine what she and her family had go through. So I am sharing the story with you... May her courage be apart of us too in pursuing our dreams...


Time magazine this week has a feature on the bizarre story of the mysterious disappearance of Afghanistan's only female, Olympics-bound runner. The 19-year-old Afghan middle distance runner, Mehbooba Andyar, went missing in Italy last week while on her way to the Olympics in China. Friends and co-athletes have not seen her since July 4, when she left her training facility in Formia, Italy.

Police are not ruling out any possibilities, although her missing bags and passport do indicate that she may have left on her own. Some believe she's seeking asylum in Europe over fear of Muslim extremists in her homeland where she faced constant rumors of prostitution and repeated threats of violence.

In a recent interview, Andyar said, "I'm the model for my country, being a woman in a typical Muslim nation. I'm very proud to say that I will be participating in the Olympic Games. By virtue of these opportunities, many women from my country are participating in many sports, and this will help to develop a better managed country."


Fears ease after missing Afghan athlete found

by Owen Slot July 10, 2008

Mehbooba Ahadgar, who was the only Afghan female scheduled to be competing in the Beijing Olympic Games next month, has resurfaced after going missing in Italy last week and is en route to Norway, where she will be seeking asylum.

When Ahadgar could not be found at her training camp in Formia on Thursday, there were fears that her disappearance may have been linked to a series of death threats that she had received at home from Muslim extremists, who are opposed to the concept of a woman running in the Olympics.

However, concerns for her family's safety are not over because, since Ahadgar's mysterious disappearance, her parents have been under so much pressure from the Afghan Olympic Committee in Kabul to get their daughter back into her spikes that they have been threatened with imprisonment. Her parents, though, were also in the dark as to her whereabouts until she phoned them on Tuesday.

While her safety is a relief within Olympic circles, her decision to go into hiding a month before the Games is a galling blow because, as an Afghan woman who is proud of her athleticism and her Muslim religion, she became a poster girl for the Games. Ahadgar had been on a scholarship from the Olympic Solidarity programme, which financed training camps in Kuala Lumpur and Italy, even though her running times in her event, the 1,500 metres, meant that she would struggle to finish within a minute of the winners.
Ahadgar is not the first Olympic Solidarity scholar to seek asylum in this way. Two Bangladeshi athletes also vanished last year and a runner from Gabon did the same in 2001.
Mehbooba, I wish you all the best and pray to Allah that you will win a gold medal... you go girl! The dream is yours and nobody can take it from you...

07 July 2008

Aliyah dah setahun umurnya...

Selamat Hari Lahir Aliyah!!!!

1 tahun

The last 4 pics was taken today. Aliyah dah boleh berjalan 2 3 langkah dah...

Masa sememangnya berlalu begitu pantas... sekejap ajer Aliyah dah setahun. Mudah2an Aliyah jadi muslimah yang pentingkan agama dari segala2nya... Aaammmiiinnnnnnnnn...
Kakak dia asyik tanya bila nak beli birthday cake Aliyah??? Tu larrrrr, cadang gak nak buat Party Chit Chat Aliyah tapi bila ek? :)
Ada gambar lagi, klik sini ==> Aliyah

05 July 2008

New Resolution In The Middle Of The Year

My health crisis is bugging and de-bugging me. I have seek medication and alternative medication but it still hanging around me. My mind is tired for meditation and my body is dragging...
I need a new resolution... a new objective for me to look foward to... Something that could carry the bug away and keep me in good health. Aha! Eureka!
Gambar sekadar hiasan ajer... :P (bayang aku macam tu... ahaks!)

Not only it will tone me up, hopefully, it will also keep me fit and healthy. The aim is to brisk walking at least 3 times a week with 20 - 30 minutes session. Alhamdulillah, it has been 2 weeks now and my action is running as plan. I am happy :) thou, you can still see my bulging tummy but hey! my hubby passed a sexy remark yesterday! :P
First session I sweat at the 13th minute, second session 8th minute and now less 5 minute. First session no muscle pain, second session slight pain on the thigh and now I can feel the heating sensation of the fat burning from my tummy muscle, thigh and buttocks...
Aaaaahhhhhh what a nice day to sweat...

My walk start here... warm up first...

waist twister

abdomen twister

you have to have a strong leg muscle for this...

walking continues...

Malaysians are so terukkkkkkk, they litter everywhere anywhere and they are in the goverment passing bill at the parliament...

macam kayuh basikal tapi tak dak roda ajer la...

legs up and down

now the hand twister...

space walking

cooling down...

Before I have to stop between stairs from the carpark to the office entrance but now... I can even run... Some achievement huh? Next? Mudah2an Allah kuatkan iman aku untuk terus istiqomah dalam hal ini. Aminnnn...


03 July 2008

Resepi Caramel Ibuku

Resepi pencuci mulut yang ringkas... (mulut sapa aku nak cuci? hahahahahaaaaaa)


. 1 tin susu cair

. 3/4 air guna sukatan tin susu cair tu tadik

. 6-7 biji telur ayam sederhana sizenya

. 1/3 gula guna sukatan tin susu cair tu jugak, kalu nak kurang manis 1/4 sukatan pun boleh

. sedikit essen vanilla

. sedikit garam

Cara membuatnya

+ Pertama sekali ialah buat gula hangus dalam loyang dan biarkan.

+ Dalam bekas lain campurkan semua bahan di atas dan pukul dengan 'egg beater' sehingga berbuih banyak.

+ Masukan adunan dalam loyang yang ada gula hangus tu dan kukus selama 30-40 minit.

+ Selepas loyang sejuk baru masukkan dalam peti ais.

+ Hidangkan dengan menterbalikkan loyang berkenaan atas pinggan dan tabur 'fruit cocktail' atasnya. Kalau tak dak pun tak per, sodap jugak...

Apa lagi... ngap la...

Selamat mencuba...

02 July 2008

Sudah ler tu oi!!!!

PM dan TPM,
Jangan alihkan isu sebenar yang sedang melanda ekonomi Malaysia...
Rakyat sedang merana kerana kenaikan harga barangan keperluan dan bermacam benda lagi untuk keperluan hidup...
Jangan pandang rendah pada Rakyat sebab kalau tiada kami tiadalah kamu...
You are all smart and clever lots who have all the knowledge and resources to make us, Rakyat, at ease with the current economic situation and why oh why have you not done so?

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009

Award by Solelymylife on 14 April 2009